O Izzy Cursos de Inglês tem o desafio de envolver os alunos no processo de aprendizagem e atraí-los para as descobertas de uma nova língua.

Saiba o que nossos alunos tem a dizer!

Clarissa Johann

I arrived in Ireland on March 14th, 2014, in order to study general english for six months.

As soon as I left the airport the first contact I had was with a taxi driver who drove me to my host family. I could barely understand what he said because of his strong accent, which made me feel a little uncomfortable and insecure about my English.

Fortunately, a few weeks later I noticed that not every Irish person spoke that way. When talking to my host family and my teachers from school, for example, it was easy to understand what they said.

However, a few months after my arrival I had to make a phone interview for about 15 minutes. I was nervous and scared, only thinking things like "What if the interviewer doesn't understand me?" or "What if I don't understand him?". Well, what really happened was that we could talk to each other very well and at the end of the interview he complimented my English. I was glad.

Some weeks later I had a personal interview with a family who was doing interviews to hire an au pair (baby-sitter) to look after their 8 month-old son. They were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. As a result, we talked for almost an hour and it was great. In the end, they told me my English was really good, which made me feel very happy.

Not only I have felt a huge improvement in my speaking since I arrived, but I have also noticed how better my listening skills are, especially when I watch American and British series or movies.

That being said, I feel truly satisfied with my current level of English. But in fact what really has been happening here is just an improvement of everything I had studied in Brazil. I know that if I hadn't studied English for so many years before coming to Ireland, I would certainly feel like a fish out of the water, just like a lot of Brazilians who live here do.

Of course I still have a lot of things to learn and I will always have. And this is the beauty of the English language.

Gabriel Hertz

Ir para o Canadá é sem dúvida uma experência muito boa. Faz a gente sair um pouco da nossa rotina, entrando em contato com uma nova cultura e conhecendo novas pessoas. Chegamos a pegar uma sensação térmica de -35º, com neve cobrindo toda a cidade. Ainda assim, dentro de qualquer estabelecimento o clima é controlado e bem agradável.

A escola também é muito boa e oferece várias atividades extras pra reforçar o aprendizado. Pra quem gosta de esportes, é possível patinar no gelo, fazer Snowboarding e esquiar. Como espectador, dá pra ver Hockey, que é o esporte nº 1 de lá, e também basquete.

A homestay varia muito de casa em casa. Pode ser tanto uma família com hábitos típicos de lá, quanto, no meu caso, uma senhora que hospedava 8 estudantes. Comunicar-se com a família não é difícil, mesmo pra quem não tem um inglês avançado.

No mais, é uma vivência muito válida que certamente quem participa não se arrepende.

Camila Kuhn Kappler

Since 2009, I am in Izzy, studying grammar and learning about loads of things.

When I entered the classroom for the first time, I wasn?t really sure if I wanted to stay there, but after I had a class with Sílvia, I decided not to give up on that challenge life was presenting me.

Everybody talked in English at Izzy, since the first day I was there, and this was really awesome for me, because I wanted to go through that adventure.

The Oxford?s books were really important in the process, due to the fact that they were from other country, with every word in english. This just stimulated me to keep going, because, again, all that structure of the course was really awesome for me, a challenge that I just couldn?t give up.

Years passed, and when I traveled abroad, I only realized how important EVERYTHING I learned was, because I could use all the vast array of structures, vocabulary and grammar to communicate with people.

I was able to talk to them, and they could UNDERSTAND me. Therefore, I simply have to thank Izzy for all I have learned.

I know that nothing could have been done if I hadn?t been very committed to the course, but the material you delivered me to study and the activities and different classes, were crucial to my knowledge.


Amanda Tonelli

I believe that the experience of taking  English classes opened several doors on the professional and academic life, due to the  competivity of the market, which requires more capable and complete professionals, so as the personal accomplishment of acquiring more knowledge, and opportunity to learn about many cultural differences. I had the privilege to experience it on Izzy, which is an integrated school in infrastructure and excellence in education, which encourages the student to go beyond.

Arthur Koefender

My experience with Izzy was awesome. I remember wanting to go to class because it wasn't about just an English class, it was about seeing my friends and learning English without even knowing. What is great about studying at Izzy is the way teachers treat you. You're not just a student you're a friend and what's going on with you actually matters. I recommed Izzy to anybody that wants to learn English in a light and fun way. 

André Frey

The Izzy experience cannot be expressed in words, it`s a whole change in character practice that makes you grow as a person and also as a human being. 
One of the key features that helped a big deal in the learning process, and become a more suitable experience is the transcendence of the teacher-student line, Izzy makes you feel like family, you get so involved in the conversation, that you want to know everything that happened to your, now called, friends and your best teacher-friend.
Other point that deserves to be enlightened is the way that the classes are taught: you learn without even realizing that you are learning, you are immersed in a light and joyful atmosphere. You participate in creative and stimulating activities and innovative ways of learning.
As one student that had already passed through all the Izzy years, it`s one of, if not the best school of foreign language.

Alexia Lopes

What to say about Izzy? 
It was the place to be once a week! An amazing atmosphere, amazing teacher and even amazing tea/coffee? It opened my eyes to the world, it made me realize how important it is to be fluent in English. And not just knowledge from the books, it took us much further than that. Our teachers made us curious about the cultures where the language is spoken and made us realize English could help us to go further and achieve ambitious goals in the future? And what amazed me every time I traveled was people telling me how good my vocabulary and accent were, and I just thought every single time: ?thank you Teacher Silvia? hahaha Last but not least: Thank you Izzy!

Luiz Enger

"You speak a very good English!" I heard this phrase several times, while speaking to native English speakers, and all thanks to the classes I took at Izzy! The school offers a great learning environment, with top-quality teachers. It is a place where you learn the language through exercises, talking about your life and even making jokes (and laughing a lot!). I am very grateful for having studied at Izzy!

Rafael Rossini

I'm Rafael Rossini, dentistry student at UFRGS, temporarialy living in Hungary. 
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being teacher Silvia's student at Izzy in Lajeado. I can easily remember of the days I've spent there studing English, wich by the way, proportinated me great moments and valuable friends. Also I can assure if it wasn't by the English I wouldn't be able to take so many opportunities in my life, as studying abrod and being able to conect myself to a lot of people from different nationalities, English is a worldwide language. Anyway, if I could describe those classes in a few words, I'd say that learning English was something pleaserous to do, we used to learn having fun, all the time, and I'm sure all my classmates have the same opinion.

Aquiles Johann

My experience at Izzy started when I was only an eight-year-old kid. The classes associated learning with fun, and that was amazing for me, because it became a pleasure, not an obligation. The great familiarity I've always had with the teachers made all this process even better, because they were more than just teachers, they were (and still are) friends. As the time passed, I kept studying there, and learned more every day. This made me capable of communicating with people from all over the world who came to Brazil, and also on trips that I went myself. I'm really thankful for this, and I?m glad that I had the opportunity to learn with all these great people.

Anna Laura Neumann

Learning English started for me as an obligation, but this thought has changed over the years, mainly when I found Izzy Escola de Inglês. Here I can feel myself embracing English, with love and dedication. Teacher Silvia teaches with passion and it is clear for the students. Waking up on Saturday mornings isn't so difficult anymore if I'm going to learn, drink tea, see friends and spend good times at Izzy. Now I can see that speaking English is very important, but enjoy the process and learning the language is essential, too. Thanks Izzy!